Gallery of Arts & Cats

2 - 31 December, 2016

A tiny solo exhibition by Cat Rabbit, curated by Sophia Cai. Central to Cat Rabbit’s work is the idea of creating worlds and the characters that might live within them. ’Gallery of Arts & Cats’ engages with the miniature dimensions of the dollhouse to create a tiny world. The playful dioramas feature different gallery scenes, each presenting small versions of Cat’s new forays into textile experimentation and her popular felt characters.

In order to grow and change any artist must go through phases of experimentation and learning. These new directions can be met with equal amounts of excitement and uncertainty. Fear of public reception and the inability to shake off old expectations can be preventative to embracing new directions. In these gallery scenes, maquettes of new work are displayed for Cat Rabbit’s characters - and the viewer - to assess and critique in a tiny gallery setting.