Mascots (For Your Everyday Anxieties)

(✿˵◕ ɜ◕˵)(˵◕ ɛ ◕˵✿)

An ongoing project with Andrea Innocent

Currently showing at Craft Victoria - October 9th - November 10th 

Andrea Innocent and I have joined forces to create a series of ‘Everyday Anxieties Mascots’ which are now on display at Craft Victoria!  Each mascot supports a particular feeling/mood/anxiety produced by modern living and the human condition. Held in an (as yet) imaginary expo of mascots, these characters inhabit different realms of anxieties and function as a talisman to those who find the world overwhelming and confusing at times. Let’s face it, that's most of us. 

Our various characters include the 'Telephant' mascot - for those of us who feel fear and dread when the phone rings, when it feels like every ping of our device is another demand on our time and attention, draining our very life force. The ‘Shy Lion’ mascot for those of us who experience agoraphobia - maybe you have actually left the house to go to a social event and are at a party talking to someone you really don’t know and wishing they were as interesting as your sleeping cat but instead they are experts at boring chit chat. The 'Heart Mechanic' mascot is also here to soothe the heart ache of existential angst and loneliness. No small feat but isn’t it nice to know a cute parrot has got your back at 2am when the world seems nothing but a relentless machine?

There is no judgement here just lots of cuddles, hand holding and waving, they are all on your side.

The mascots will greet you at the entrance of Craft Victoria from October 9th til November the 10th in the snug vitrine space, acting as bouncers to bad feelings. They are the perfect size to sit on your shoulder and whisper in your ear ‘it’s gonna be ok’.