My name is Cat and I am a Melbourne based textile artist and designer. I share a fluff-filled home studio with my cat, Porco. I make plush sculptural works of my imagined characters and the worlds they might live in. I also make books for Children and other fantastical artworks with my collaborator and good pal Isobel Knowles under the name Soft Stories. If you are looking for our books, you can find them in our Soft Stories store.

All work and images © Cat-Rabbit 2007 - 2016, All rights reserved.

Exhibition History


2017 - Gocco Play Date, Outré Gallery (VIC)

2016 - Gallery of Arts & Cats, Dollhouse Gallery (VIC)

2016 - Kept in Mind, Tinning Street Presents (VIC)                                                                                                     

2015 - Small, Special, Goodspace Gallery Sydney (NSW)                                                                                           

2015 – A Matter of Factory (with Isobel Knowles), Turner Galleries (WA)
2015 – Return to Twinkle Plaza, Outré Gallery Perth (WA)
2013 – A Matter of Factory (with Isobel Knowles), Westspace Gallery (VIC)
2013 – Ai Ai Gasa (with The Seven Seas), No Vacancy Gallery (VIC)
2013 – Meet Me in the Middle (with The Seven Seas & Nior), The Tate Gallery (NSW)
2012 – Super Friends (with Ghostpatrol), Craft Victoria (VIC)
2012 – Owl Know How Book Launch & Exhibition, No Vacancy Gallery (VIC)
2011 – Secret Animal Realms (for you to see), No Vacancy Gallery (VIC)
2009 – Crafty (curated exhibition of 8 artists), Sidespace Gallery (TAS)
2009 – While You Sleep (with Ghostpatrol), Gorker Gallery (VIC)
2008 – Felidae-Leporidae: The Evolution of Cat Rabbit, Ruban Rat Gallery (NSW)
2007 – The Great Cotton Battle (with Ghostpatrol & Tom O’Hern), Inflight Gallery (TAS)

Selected Recent Group Exhibitions

2016 - Playful, Melbourne City Library (VIC)
2015 – Secret Garden, Schoolhouse Studios (VIC)
2015 – Interplay (curated by Ars Electronica), Singapore Science Centre (SINGAPORE)
2015 – Heroine, Goodspace (NSW)
2014 – Wilderness, Auguste Clown Gallery (VIC)
2014 – Outergold, The Tate Gallery (NSW)
2014 – Animystics, Light Grey Art Lab (MN, USA)
2013 – Tiny Universes, Tooth & Nail Gallery (SA)
2013 – Lepus Australis, No Vacancy Gallery (VIC)
2013 – Not For Rental, 71A Gallery (LNDN, UK)
2013 – Stitched, Clutter Gallery (NY, USA)
2012 – Vali Myers Tribute Exhibition, Outré Gallery (VIC)
2011 – Go Go Gocco, Outré Gallery (VIC)
2009 – Soft Animators, Craft ACT (ACT)

2015 – Too Much for Turtle, Thames & Hudson
2012 – Owl Know How, Thames & Hudson

Permanent Collections
2016 – Loreto Mandeville Junior Library, Toorak (VIC)

Selected Grants
2016 – City of Melbourne New Ideas Lab (ArtPlay)                                                                                                     

2010 – Artstart Grant, Australia Council for the Arts

Selected Residencies
2015 – Artist in Residence at Australian Tapestry Workshop (VIC)

2007-2009 Master of Contemporary Art specialising in Gallery Practices,
School of Visual and Performing Arts, University of Tasmania
2001-2004 Bachelor of Arts/Fine Arts with Honours, University of Tasmania/School
of Fine Art Tasmania

Selected Publications
A Little Bit Crafty: Frankie Craft Publication, 2014
Frankie Magazine
Peppermint Magazine
Extra Curricular: Autumn 2011
Wooden Toy Quarterly: Handmade Edtn, April 2009